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Counter Strike 1.6 Now on Android PDF Print E-mail

Android Counter StrikeIf you’ve been a part of LAN gaming sessions, Counter Strike 1.6 and Need Fore Speed Most Wanted are two games you’re definitely familiar with. While the latter made it Android and iOS years ago, Counter Strike hasn’t. a Counter Strike is a great first person shooter game that takes full control of the mouse and keyboards combination. And without that setup, it’s unlikely that you’d enjoy it as much. However, a developer has ported the game to Android with all the features of the PC version.

HTC 10 PDF Print E-mail

htc 10

The HTC 10 is like a great remix of all your favorite songs - the new flagship brings back UltraPixel and BoomSound, but nostalgia is mixed with a much-improved performance.

HTC was pushing for large pixels in camera sensors years before Google and Samsung did and was among the first to bring optical image stabilization to a mobile camera. This happened on a phone you may remember fondly - the HTC One.

We finally have a proper sequel to that great device in the shape of the HTC 10 - the world's first phone with an optically stabilized selfie camera. HTC also boasts that the 12MP main camera got a perfect 10 so to speak from DxOMark.

How to find hidden cameras PDF Print E-mail

Spy cameras

The recent news about a camera spying on customers changing their clothes in a well-known boutique in Goa has once again raised the question about privacy. The customer reported that she discovered a camera pointed to the changing room and on investigation, it was found that the videos were recorded on a computer from another room in the same premises.

Intel lauching new PC-on-stick PDF Print E-mail

Intel Compute Stick
Intel's new Compute Stick PC, which is touted to be the world's smallest computer, can now be pre-ordered through some online stores at a cost of about 100-150 dollars. The stick-sized computer comes in two variations. The one that is powered by Windows 8.1 will cost 150 dollars, while the Linux version will come for 110 dollars, reported PC World.

5 Car Accessories that really Damage your Car PDF Print E-mail


1. Massive rims

While big rims can definitely look good, a lot of times people go overboard with their choice of wheel sizes. Making a shift from stock 15-inch wheels to slightly larger and sportier 16-inch ones wouldn’t be much of a problem, but when you start going more than 2 or 3-inches over the manufacturer’s tyre size, you can soon run into trouble. If your overall wheel diameter (rim + tyre) exceeds what the manufacturer has made room for in the wheel well, the tyres can start rubbing against the wheel well liner each time you go through a bump. Plus, you have to note that large diameter rims are also wider, and these can grind against the wheel well walls. And larger wheels also make way for another problem – low profile tyres.

Mobiles for senior citizens with easy use PDF Print E-mail

Philips Xenium X2566. Price - Rs 3,800/-


Binatone BB200 Speak Easy. Price - 1,199



Magicon Senior Duo. Price - Rs 1,450

Magicon Senior Duo


Mitashi PLAY Senior Friend. Price - Rs 5,990

Mitashi PLAY Senior Friend

iBall Aasaan 2. Price - Rs 2,828

iBall Aasaan 2

Reconnect 1802 Feature Phone. Price - Rs 2,699

  • 1.77 inch 65K color screen
  • Use color screen realize contrast clear operation interface
  • GPRS Support MMS
  • Support MP3
  • Support Bluetooth (optional)
  • Copy whole phone book from mobile to SIM or from SIM to mobile
  • Micro 5pin USB (charging\data transmission)
  • Charging base
  • FM
  • You may use FM and enter menus without inserting a SIM card

Reconnect 1802 Feature Phone


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